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Marta Gaia

Ceremonialist, ritual guide, mom, partner, council facilitator, director, barista, bar manager, psychonaut, sitter

For me ritual means ceremony, in which it is possible to honor the very being, beauty and nobility of life. I draw on shamanism in my work, as I have felt a connection with the Indians since my early childhood, especially because of the respect they have for the Mother Nature and the way they communicate with the animals. I am naturally interested in altered states of consciousness and therefore study near-death experiences, dreams, psychedelics, meditation and yoga.

2012 Bc. Area Studies (IMS FSV UK)

2015 Mgr. International Relations (IPS FSV UK)

2015 Prejudice in Social Services (Portus Prague)
2017 International Transpersonal Conference

2017 Altered Conference (Berlin)
2018 Global Psychedelic Forum (Beyond Psychedelic)

2019 From colleague to supervisor or from social worker

to manager (TUDYTAM)

2019 Good Psychedelic Friday (Beyond Psychedelic)
2020 Czech Psychedelic Republic (Czech Psychedelic Society)

2022 Psychedelic First Aid Course (Beyond Psychedelics)

2022 Conducting meetings and facilitation techniques for managers in

social services (TUDYTAM)
2023 Barbora Zemanová's School of Women's Rituals



This is an ancient Indian technique in which participants sit in a circle and share stories together. It is essential that everyone is on the same level of hierarchy and that everyone can speak and be listened to.  In Western society, this facilitation technique became widespread, especially with the book The Way of the Circle of Counsel. Surely you know it yourself, just remember!

NGOs & families 50 EUR

Companies 150 EUR

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Cacao ceremony

I always create a ritual cocoa drinking ceremony tailored to the group and the place. Its essential part is the drinking of the cacao itself. The Mayan gold has psychoactive effects thus strengthening our intuition and giving us new insights into our life situations. Setting an intention is therefore an integral part of the ceremony. The stimulating effects of the cacao usually make participants want to dance or at least sway however the intuitive dance is completely voluntary.

group of 10 people: 200 EUR

20230831_181906 (1).jpg

Customized ritual

I will create a customized ritual for you based on what is the most important to you in your life right now. Do you need to close a chapter in your life? Or are you about to open a new one? I offer a birthday ritual, pre-wedding ritual, pre-natal ritual, end of breastfeeding ritual or a break-up ritual or a ritual to end a certain period or illness. The package includes 2-3 online/offline consultations.

200 EUR


Menarché ritual

In traditional society, the ritual of blood served to allow a girl and her friends to celebrate her first menstrual bleeding in the presence and support of adult women. A menarche ritual can be constructed for both the girl/s and adult women to recreate this unique life moment.

200 EUR


Wedding ritual

Are you planning a wedding and would you like the ceremony to have something extra? Do you want to enter into marriage consciously and feel the power of the connection between two families? The wedding package includes 2-3 online/offline consultations to align each other's ideas and agree on what will and will not be part of the ceremony.

800 EUR



Need help with the setting for your ritual? Would you like to use the facilitation technique of the Circle of Counselors in the context of running a business/non-profit? Have you had a challenging psychedelic experience and want help integrating it?

60 EUR per hour online/offline


Crochet Bralette

My friend came back from the Boom Festival in Portugal and told me about a crocheted bralette he bought for his girlfriend. I was tempted to start making one of those too, so I started studying crochetting on youtube. The beginning was hard, but now I have a proven pattern that I like. Do you like it too? Contact me and we will choose colors and design together.

Material: 100% cotton

60 - 100 EUR

Marta Píchová
fb: Marta Píchová

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